LR Pharmaceuticals

About Us

About Us

LR Pharmaceuticals is an Ayurvedic Veterinary medicines and feed supplements manufacturing company based in Parbhani, Maharashtra State. The company is currently involved in manufacturing, selling, exporting of Ayurvedic medicines and feed supplements. The company was established in 1995 as the manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines and feed supplement for animals starting with cattle products. The company diversified into various forays like pet products, poultry products then pet food and animal food as well. The company currently has more than 50 products formulated and registered on its name developed in its state of the art R&D department. The company believes in constant innovation which is clearly seen in its products.

Vision and Mission

Vision of the company is to carry forward the legacy of Ayurveda in animal health and nutrition and provide the best lifestyle to animals. The mission of the company is to make the lives of animal owners, veterinary doctors easier and happier by producing innovative, safe, effective products with the highest efficacy.

Company Values

The company believes in following values.


Mrs. Madhuri Sudhir Rajurkar

Founder and MD: LR Pharmaceuticals was founded by Mrs. Madhuri Rajurkar in 1995. Starting with one product, Now LR Pharmaceuticals proudly presents its foray of products specialising in completely ayurvedic remedies for animals. Her utmost belief in the treatment using medicinal plants and her studies of Ayurveda has led the company to greater heights. LR Pharmaceuticals is known for its extensive efforts on research and development for completely natural, residue free, side effects free and allergy free products.

Dr. Saurabh Sudhir Rajurkar

Vice President: Dr. Saurabh with his immense knowledge in Veterinary Pharmacology carried forward the legacy of company by adding more effective and reliable Ayurvedic products to our portfolio. His contribution in development of result oriented products for better performance in market has led the company to achieve growth like never before.

Mr. Siddhant Sudhir Rajurkar

Head of Marketing: “Being a trustworthy brand for the customers is more important than generating sales”, His holistic approach towards seeking the belief of customers, Bringing the youth dynamism in the company, Mr. Siddhant Rajurkar has served the company by focusing on branding, marketing and exploring new channels of business.