LR Pharmaceuticals

LR Minmix

LR Minmix is the glycine chelated mineral mixture with adequate amount of all the required minerals types with small particle size of 75 Dalton. This helps in maximum bio-availability and maximum absorption with antioxidant properties. The glycine chelated mineral mixture is also enriched with herbal extracts to increase the effectivity of the mineral mixture in animals and provide them with additional benefits.

This product is in powder form which comes in three different SKUs which are 1 Kg, 5 Kg and 25 Kg. This product is recommended for cattle, sheep and goat with the dosage of 30-50 grams per day for cattle and 15-20 grams per day for each sheep and goat.

Product Type: Animal Feed Supplement

Product Form: Powder

SKU Size: 1Kg, 5Kg, 25Kg